Roberto CoinPay tribute to the style of high fashion, along with a new Cento Diamond Collection from Roberto Coin - perhaps the best step to the top of the luxury world.
100 ideas, 100 secrets, 100 stories, 100 ways to love, 100 the right way to be desired.
100 - the symbol of perfection and a symbol of the endless facets of personality of Roberto Coin. One of the leading trendsetter, who loves and lives for jewelry, Maestro does not get tired to look for ways to freedom and pleasure, giving all his soul to the realm of jewelry. Continually playing with color, changing the direction of fashion and constantly updating his collections, he always remained true to his principle of individuality - "art of being different."
A new era in engraving diamonds.
Only high skill of the engraving expert can reveal the true beauty of diamond. Branded diamond Cento - the fruit of the most delicate and meticulous work - has 100 facets and today is the most unique and exclusive diamond distantly affecting with its fire.
Multiple facets reflect and refract light rays, causing it to endlessly play in the highest degree of brightness. Perfectly round shape diamond beyond perfection. One word: 100% «Bellissimo».

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