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Swarovski 1


AZ1000, Azerbaijan,
Baku, May 28 str. 5
Tel: (994 12) 493 5440 3447
Fax: (994 12) 4932121

Swarovski 2


AZ1000, Azerbaijan,
Baku, A.Aliyev str. 8
Tel: (994 12) 497 5090
Fax: (994 12) 497 5090

Swarovski 3


AZ1010, Azerbaijan,
Baku, H.Javida avenue 22
Tel: (994 12) 510 9135
Fax: (994 12) 493 2121.


Swarovski 4

Swarovski 4

AZ 2000, Azerbaijan
Ganja, Shah Ismayil Khatai street 135
Tel.: (022) 256 78 25

Brands represented in this boutique

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30% sale for jewelry an accessories of Spring-Summer 2012 collections has already begun today. Hurry up to complete your summer look with colorful and stilish Swarovski pieces!


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Dear customers! Swarovski boutiques offer 50% sale beginning from the 7th of January! Address: May 28 str. 20. Tel: (994 12) 493 5440 3447 Address: A.Aliyev str. 8. Tel: (994 12) 497 5090 Address: H.Javida avenue 22. Tel: (994 12) 510 9135...›››

  New “Wings of Fantasy” by SWAROVSKI - already in Baku!

SWAROVSKI pleased women with its luxury jewelry collection for Fall-Winter 2011-12 - "Wings of Fantasy". The name of the collection is as beautiful, as the decorations themselves. You can verify this by visiting any of our SWAROVSKI boutiques. The new line is divided into several categories. It embraces love themes, wildlife, and...›››

  VIP SALE from Swarovski

Only one day on June 28 at Swarovski boutiques will present seasonal sale for incredible "Wings of Poetry" collection. "Wings of Poetry" collection embodies all the latest trends in Fashion industry for this season. So far jewelry collection "Wings of Poetry" stands at the top of the most glamorous glossy magazines around the world. In addition to the Fashion Collection discount will...›››

  Jeniffer Lopes shines in Swarowski crystals

Jeniffer Lopes presented new clip to the song “On the Floor” performed together with the rapper Pitbull. The clip is featuring crystal chandelier, full dance floor, and catchy music. Appearing in three different images Jeniffer Lopes is heading this dance madness. These images are "Queen" of the night club, which is sitting on a throne, drinking cocktails, watching the...›››

  Swarovski boutique opening in Ganja

There is no any girl who is indifferent to the shine of crystals. Especially, if we are talking about Swarovski jewelries, then even the most sophisticated jewelry lovers lose their mind. On Sunday, March 6, 2011 the fourth Swarovski boutique in Azerbaijan was opened in Ganja, it says about the fact that from now on Azerbaijani fashionmongers will shine even brighter...›››

  Stylish Swarovski Calendar 2011

Swarovski Fashion House- popular with its fabulous crystals, together with fashion Harper’s Bazaar Spain magazine presented the calendar for 2011 to their admirers. Photos posed by Sheila Marquez are owned by the world famous photographer...›››

  "Wings of Poetry"- New Collection from Swarovski

Swarovski crystals are known and appreciated for their beauty and exclusiveness in the whole world. Swarovski designers offer new collection of magnificent necklaces with colorful jewels, big size rings and dainty bracelets called "Wings of Poetry" for fashionmongers in the new season...›››

  Swarovski Circle - unsurpassed brilliance

Factory of Swarovski and its unique crystals need no introduction. Thanks to its unique properties, they are used by many factories for the most exquisite lighting. Unique play of light from the Strass ® Swarovski is understandable for each designer, but how much more do its creators feel the soul of crystal? It is this instinct that allows Swarovski to produce their own light - assuming the idea not from reinforced materials like iron, plastic, cloth, but almost directly from the play of its light, opalescing, spliting into the spectrum colors. Today we bring to your attention new items by Swarovski, presented at Euroluce 2009...›››

  Fall collection of jewelry from Swarovski

Natural motifs inspired the new fall collection of famous jewelry brand Swarovski.
Swarovski Collection consists of three separate parts - Reptile Tectonic, Purple Blossom and Enchanted Microcosm.
The key motivation for the Swarovsk Reptile Tectonic series became the image of the snake - a necklace Hypnosis, metal chain entwined by decorative...›››