Brabantia brand started its way about a century ago. In 1919 a small Belgian family decided to run a company called Van Eldren&Co in a small town Aalst. From the very beginning Brabantia was eager to create only high quality products, which helped to facilitate everyday life of their clients.

All the products are made of advanced, functional, and eco-friendly materials suitable for recycling. Wide range of assortment includes kitchen items like food containers, cutlery, pans, salad bowls, skimmers, kitchen table scales, bread bins, and many other things. Brabantia also produces pieces for bathrooms like dispensers, floor scales, laundry accessories, dirty laundry baskets and bags, ironing boards, slipcovers of ironing boards, dryers, rubbish bins and trash cans, which undoubtedly make the lives of the clients more comfortable. Double chroming technology is applied to each piece making them fingerprints resistant. This ensures the items looks more attractive and serves the owner for a long time.

Today the brand is one of the leading manufacturers of items for homes and houses. Brabantia masters create one-of-a-kind products, which make everyday housework duties easier and more pleasant.