Bugatti initially positioned itself as a professional workshop for the manufacture of tableware made of Nickel and silver and silver-plated copper, and immediately after its Foundation, the owner of the company acquired the first tools necessary to improve product performance and modernize production.

Bugatti was the first company in Italy to introduce the Polak injection molding machine, which in 1928 created a revolutionary alloy of copper and silicon. It is still called "Bugatti alloy". This was the first technological and formal innovation of many, which in the future allowed the company to win the international market and form an unshakable reputation in Italy and Europe. Bugatti designs and creates products for serving and cooking, dishes and small household accessories that are of high quality, technology, as well as original and sophisticated design.

For more than 90 years, Bugatti products have been distinguished by a unique style that perfectly combines high technology and Italian chic, especially visible in forms and details. The products clearly trace the territorial motives and traditions. In addition, the company is always willing and attentive to follow modern trends in the world. An integral part of the brand's work is also the philosophy of sharing experiences and protecting the environment.

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