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Behind the Caracole brand is the American furniture manufacturer Schnadig, whose roots in the furniture business date back to the 19th century. The first Caracole collection was presented in 2009 and enthusiastically received by the customers.

This brand disregard the notion that particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. And in the process, distinctive pieces come to life, for every room of the home. In a unique combination of classic and modern design elements, Caracole creates furniture with a strong personality that sets unique and elegant accents in every room. Inspired and sophisticated, Caracole love to incorporate a-ha moments and multi-functional practicality, like hidden electronic charging stations, innovative storage options and other special details.

There are 6 different collections with over 800 pieces of furniture covering the entire living, dining and sleeping areas. All products are designed and managed in the USA by recognized award-winning designers and mostly produced in their own factories in order to guarantee the highest quality.

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The American furniture brand Caracole is one of the young and innovative lines. The brand has existed since 2009. Its designs are based on the completely unique approach of combining contrasting tendencies and styles.