Coincasa has been creating and composing collections since 1962; scouting for styles and new products the world over and reinterpreting them with Italian flavor. Top quality materials, attention to detail and original fusions all blend together to create a contemporary elegance which lets you furnish your home in your own unique style. Contemporary research is combined with master craftsmanship to create innovative patterns and exclusive designs, with continuous renewal for each collection, all with the unique quality that is a hallmark of Coincasa. Coincasa’s product assortment is themed by color story and by room: kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Attention to detail, original fusions and fine craftsmanship are the basis of what Coincasa offers, together with its tradition of European and worldwide craftsmanship and guaranteed quality. Coincasa creates six collections per year that include continuous renovation of store image in order to stimulate and encourage product buying.

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In the time when more and more people are paying attention to our planet, Coincasa 2020 Summer Collection is about the most important theme of our time: caring for nature and the precious resources it provides!
2020 is a turning point in climate change!
The color palette ranges of this collection began from all shades of green, from blue to coral, which is the color of the year.
The protagonist of the 2020 showcase is nature itself, inspired by the Seychelles, which has an unusual nature that is considered a paradise. Algae and corals in pastel tones and forest with the wonderfully swaying roots of tropical and aquatic plants are the motifs of the showcase decoration.


Sustainability is the central theme of Coincasa Spring collection that marks the beginning of a
process of a growing commitment towards research on products made with respect of the
environment and its resources. A new line of research will be born with a specific label that will
represent a continuity with some contents in every collection.
Sustainable theme covers about half of the options of the total Spring collection.
A specific communication project will give evidence to the different contents of the products of this
line: materials, manufacturing and production processes.

ZERO IMPACT – stylistic notes
A wide selection of articles brings with it a story of values related to those who have designed and
produced, the materials they are made of and the processes necessary to achieve them. The look
is informal, authentic. Natural materials are used as possible so that they determine the color and
texture of surfaces.
It only takes a few simple daily gestures to make our life more environmentally friendly and
respectful of the planet. Use energy-saving light bulbs, prefer natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen,
or bamboo that are organic and biodegradable, preferably dyed with colours derived from plants
and flowers. The goal is to have a 'healthy' environment combining functionality and aesthetics in
natural materials, new sustainable materials and reuse of materials giving them a second life.


CoinCasa being a well-liked boutique which presents all the necessary household goods, has grown even closer to its visitors. The second CoinCasa boutique opened at 111 Nizami Street.