In 2019, Egizia celebrates its 70th anniversary. In this long period, Egizia has been the interpreter of the manual silkscreen printing glass history in Italy. Collaborations with Italian designers and international artists have allowed the company to grow and gain recognition from the world of culture, the press and the market.

The production is a synthesis of genius and hand-crafted skill. Now the company follows two parallel paths: the quality and the innovation.

Selected raw materials and the quality control process assure the creation of unique and inimitable items. Innovation and digitalization bring added value in terms of organization to approach better the market. Over the years, the meeting with some of the most famous worldwide designers has created collections with unique characteristics. That helped to raise Egizia awareness beyond national borders. The objects conceived from these collaborations have a high and authentic identity and they represent the beginning of the new course of EGIZIA’s proposal to approach the luxury lifestyle market. All the collections are made of silk-screened glass using precious metals as Sterling Silver, 24 Carat Gold, Platinum and Copper. In addition, enamel paint is used to create patterns from classic to modern, from geometric to baroque style. The objects that are decorated are glasses, plates, trays, bowls, conic and cylindrical vases.

Thanks to the high-temperature of the kiln up to 560 Celcius degrees, the printed precious metals fuse with the glass. Every item is certified and quality-guaranteed by Egizia.

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