Guzzini is a famous Italian brand recognized both within the country and abroad. Passion for innovations and creative design, brand-new materials and technologies, quality and functional items production constitute the brand’s century-old philosophy. The company acquired its name after a talented founder Enrico Guzzini, who managed to revive the production of shuff-boxes, hair brushes, and shoe horns made of ox-horn following an old artisan technique.

But this is not the only thing the brand is known for. Postwar generation of Guzzini continued their ancestor’s business and started manufacturing items for kitchens made of Plexiglas which was considered a revolutionary material at the time.

Today you can find Guzzini items in restaurants, hotels, and homes around the globe. The secret of such success was in designers’ undying passion for studying and developing new dimensions, experimenting with materials and colors using all facilities offered by contemporary technologies.

Each item is handy and simple, easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable. Own production in Italy allows experimenting with technologies, shapes, and colors. Today Guzzini is the only Italian company whose materials are certified, totally safe, and can be used for serving food. Together with tableware made of advanced materials Guzzini offers sets of plates made of high quality porcelain and cutlery made of stainless steel.