The Italian brand IVV (Industria Vetraria Valdamese) was founded in 1952 in Tuscan by a group of professional glass artisans. This region is renowned for the rich history of glass production throughout millenniums.

In a short period of time, IVV has grown to become a brand recognized worldwide and the leading manufacturer of hand-worked glass items in Europe. The brand’s collections are unique, as they represent a fusion of cultures of the world. Besides this, the brand creates items of time-honored designs combined with contemporary artists’ ideas, which allows producing ultramodern collections.

All the IVV masterpieces are created by masters manually, and that’s why they are all unique and you are unlikely to see absolutely identical items. High quality is the company’s number one priority. The brand’s glass is made of selected sand and has wonderful and harmonious sounding, each piece being as hard as crystal.

The items manufactured by IVV are so unique because they are painted manually with gold and silver. Glass artisans don’t grind the edges and don’t polish the roughness of the material, they just leave the shape nuances as they are. These tiny imperfections are hardly visible to anyone, yet they create an unmatched play of light and color.

The brand’s assortment includes a number of famous collections like Aria, Volant, Fosion, which set modern table setting trends. Ethnic Eastern collections are mainly designed for conceptual establishments.

Moreover, IVV offers a range of thematic dishes to pick from, which can be used for serving specific foods like seafood or cheese. A huge assortment of exclusive vases, candelabrums, spice racks, and various accessories can perfectly brighten up traditional table settings and make any interior look more elegant and exquisite.

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