Lalique Crystal

Rene Lalique is a wonderful master of his craft, known worldwide not only because of his impeccable taste, but also for his remarkable skills. In 1909, he started turning his ideas into reality and 9 years later he bought a glassblowing factory situated in Alsace, where his first masterpieces were born. While creating his glassware, he used seemingly incompatible materials like metal and glass, blowing liquid glass into a metal casting. Such ensemble won over both the creator’s heart and drew attention of people from around the globe. A fanciful relief design, as if surprisingly, emerges from glass masses hidden deep inside.

Lalique items were shown to the whole world during the International Exhibition of 1925 in Paris. People could admire vases which were a bit changed, as they were made of rippled glass. Elegant figurines, ornaments, and tableware were also exhibited. These items still exist and now are kept as valuable pieces in the Louvre and the Hermitage. If you visit these museums, you will definitely see that both masterpieces of the past and contemporary works of art have much in common, as they combine unique designs of female naked bodies and the amazing world of fauna and flora.

Despite the rich history and modern tendencies, Rene Lalique’s creations can be called true works of art preserved to present days as an embodiment of unique style and creativity.

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Founded in 1888, Lalique celebrated its 130th anniversary and launched a new collection of accessories and tableware. T