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Minotti is an Italian brand with a solid reputation at an international level as an excellent expression of Made in Italy in the field of contemporary furniture design and ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments.

The small-scale artisan workshop grew quickly and, starting from the sixties, became more industrialized in character and size. Renato and Roberto Minotti in 1991, took over the reins of the brand and began a process of growth and expansion into the international markets. Responsible for the corporate strategy, since 1998 they have shared their creative vision and aesthetic key-principles with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who has been assigned the strategic role of coordinator of all the Minotti collections.

Each year, Minotti debuts an entire new collection that includes seating systems, armchairs, tables, chairs and complementary pieces. Each new collection is inspired by a mood, informed by the atmosphere conveyed through the contextualization of the products in sophisticated architectural milieus, on the creation of unique backdrops, on the quest for original combinations of materials and colors, and on styling. Each detail contributes to the creation of a brand experience that leaves an indelible impression in the mind’s eye.

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