Czech Crystal Moser is an icon of quality, luxury, and style!

In 1857, a new art glass factory in Carlsbad (Czech Republic) was founded by a glassmaker named Ludwig Moser, who had been heading the factory for 50 years and whose name became a common noun in this glass factory production. Moser is the best crystal in the world in the context of artistic value and quality. It is lead-free, so eco-friendly production is possible near the resort city. Since 1878, the Moser factory has been an elite tableware supplier for the imperial palaces of Franz Joseph I, Persian shah, and English king Edward VII. The beauty and extraordinary luxury of crystal from the Czech Republic was appraised by Queen Elizabeth II herself and the King of Spain Alfonse XIII, as well as globally recognized actors and actresses such as Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren, and Sylvester Stallone.

Crystal Moser is a remarkable royal brand among tableware and crystal manufacturers. In spite of the centuries-long history, Moser factory still produces items of great demand in the international market. Moser crystal tableware is an attribute of solemn receptions of many heads of state. Royal families’ representatives often choose Moser goblets for wedding celebrations, and Czech crystal vases are ornamented with arms and monograms of presidents and diplomats.

Today Moser Czech crystal is produced according to the unique technique, which is kept secret just like it was 150 years ago. Skillful glassmakers do their best to create marvelous Moser crystal pieces. Exclusive manual polishing and deep vibrant colors of Czech crystal make Moser items so special, allowing the manufacturer to produce tableware which can be undoubtedly called masterpieces of high artistic value.

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