Plauener Spinnhütte

Plauener Spinnhütte GmbH has been manufacturing silk fabrics since the 20-s of the last century. In order to meet the highest standards requirements silk tissue is certified in accordance with Eco Test Standard and ISO 9001. Of course, Plauener’s silk products proudly bear the label of “Made in Germany”.

Plauener has always been following modern tendencies and monitoring the clients’ needs increasing the number of fabrics production year after year. Today they manufacture downproof silk duvets and pillows, tapestry decorated silk pillows, numerous clothes models including kerchiefs and wraps. Plauener silk bedclothes is something really special, each collection having its own design and color scheme.

The brand does its best to satisfy each client offering individual designs with maximum possible sizes.

Plauener Spinnhütte silk bedclothes made in Germany is a gorgeous present for excellent sleep and exquisite atmosphere in a bedroom. One can feel light cooling effect which is really nice. It both gives an exceptionally pleasant touch and is good for health.

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