Italian company TVS is one of the leading aluminium non-stick cookware manufacturers in the world. The name of the brand features the first letters of the brand’s three priorities namely Technology, Versatility, and Style.

Since 1968 TVS masters combine know-how experience and interesting ideas, which allows them producing ideal cookware for each kitchen.

Designer Alberto Meda created an elegant Maestrale cookware line. The items are unique and multifunctional, very handy and comfortable in cooking. You can boil, stew, fry, and bake in them. They can also be used on any kind of cookers including induction cooktops.

Tenace Induction cookware collection was created by designer TAKAHIDE SANO. It was developed in accordance with modern technologies like stable induction and optimal heat exchange, which allow reducing cooking time and electricity expenses. Prestigious Platino cookware collection was created by Harry Palladium exclusively for TVS. This line both features classical shapes and has innovative design of the handles.

Tea collection cookware is very stylish, the items are covered with a very durable TopTek non-stick coating, which is really convenient in use and safe for health as it doesn’t contain nickel and perfluoro-octanoic acid. It can be used on any kind of cookers except induction cooktops.

Hook cookware outstanding design was created by Karim Rashid. This unique cookware set with steel handles can also be used on induction cooktops and in ovens.

Deco shining cookware will leave no one indifferent. Its unique design was offered by Harry-Paul. Traditional Plustek non-stick coating possesses perfect qualities, which make the use of the items both incredibly convenient and safe for health of the owners.

Design by Giugiaro is always about unique and one-of-a-kind shapes. Arco Induction cookware is marked by simplicity and elegance at the same time. The items can be used on any kind of cookers including induction cooktops.