The leading Italian porcelain manufacturer Tognana is situated in Treviso. It was founded in 1775 by the Italian Tognana family as a brick factory. But in 1946, they started producing tableware, majolica, and eventually porcelain.

Exceptional quality of raw material, modern technologies, years of experience, and strict quality control ensure the solidity of Tognana porcelain items as well as the unique designs.

Tognana porcelain undergoes thorough laboratory control. Perfect results during dishwashing machine tests with the use of household detergents, metal abrasive injury test, and mechanical durability test ensure high quality of the products.

Today, Tognana is the largest porcelain tableware manufacturer in Italia, producing excellent items both for houses and public food service establishments.

Italian porcelain has always been a symbol of perfect style and elegancy. Thicker edges and specific glaze protect the items from splits even when they are used and washed in dishwashers too often.

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