About us

"ITALDIZAYN" Qapalı Səhmdar Cəmiyyəti 31 dekabr 2019-cu il tarixinə bitən il üzrə müstəqil auditor rəyi və maliyyə hesabatları..

"ID QRUP" Məhdud Məsuliyyətli Cəmiyyəti 31 dekabr 2019-cu il tarixinə bitən il üzrə müstəqil auditor rəyi və maliyyə hesabatları.

“Years of experience, quality of service and trustful partnerships with leading brands around the world, which we have built for twenty-three years, - these are the secrets of our success.”

For me, luxury, as a philosophy, has always been about the pursuit of perfection. Opening our first
boutique in 1996, our aim was to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers whose desires
never had limits. Aiming to bring high-quality standards to all aspects of the customers’ lifestyle has lead
us to offer a wide range of services through both luxury and dynamic retail sectors in home and
interiors, watches and jewelry as well as consumer goods. Today ITALDIZAIN is following a tradition of
corporate excellence and exceeding customer expectations throughout its operations in retail as well as
hospitality and agriculture.

 Our team is always ready to adapt to the changes in our customers’ needs and to become the leader in
local innovation and development. By 2020, for instance, our aim is to provide a more personal
experience to the elite through a newly opened Personal Shopper Department and a Lifestyle Design
Studio. We also aim to become the first Retail Group with a dedicated Distribution Department, which
we hope will change the retailers’ behavior and priorities in the market. I am also very optimistic about
our E-Commerce project, which is promising to revolutionize the Azerbaijani consumers’ behavior and
open up an entirely new market for the local businesses.

We implement a Five Star Service Standard in all our points of interaction and the most convenient
locations for the unique experience. I take pride in knowing that our growing family of customers enjoys
the experience and take pleasure in our stride to exceed their expectations when it comes to offering
the best products on the market. Our aim for the next five years is to keep sharing our happiness with
the customers while maintaining the pursuit of perfection in our DNA.

Elchin Zeynalov