American eclecticism in Baku

19 August 2019 19:21

The American furniture brand Caracole is one of the young and innovative lines. The brand has existed since 2009. Its designs are based on the completely unique approach of combining contrasting tendencies and styles.
Thanks to its unexpected solutions and unusual approach to the decoration of various elements of interior, the company Caracole has gained rapid popularity in the local market and entered the international market.
A team of young and strong-willed American designers is engaged in the designing of new models following creative elements of Christina Capra. Caracole furniture embodies eclecticism and the use of the motives of several trends. For example, elegant province and unusual art-deco coherently match with the motives of the hippie trend of the 1960s. The distinctive feature of the factory is manual processing, which gives distinctiveness and uniqueness to each product.