Jewelry triumph of Barocco

20 August 2019 17:44

In ancient Egypt, the ruby was considered to be the only precious stone with magic properties and fabulous positive energy. As legend has it, kings used to give rubies to their wives as a present and they believed that contact of a ruby with the skin would bring success and happiness to them.
Inspired by this wonderful legend, the jeweler Roberto Coin added a small ruby to the design of each item, making it a tradition of the company.
Pieces of jewelry by Roberto Coin are an amazing combination of centuries-long Italian proficiency and the latest design technologies. Unique hand-made items inspire to create bold and refined figures.
Indeed, the most popular jewelry collection of Roberto Coin is Roman Barocco. This classic collection embodies a nuanced decorative style of the Baroque era. Design of the items was inspired by the architecture of Roman buildings and cathedrals and combines two different images associated with the technique of gold thread platting, which is a core motif of Baroque collections.
On the one hand, this collection is distinguished by design of curly and twisted lines and inspired by theatral domes of Rome. On the other hand, Roberto Coin strives to emphasize solemnity and gorgeousness, which are usual for the Baroque era, by creating a stunning optical effect with diamonds. Each item of the refined collection Roman Barocco wins the hearts of jewelry fans all over the world.