Beosound 1: Freedom of choice

19 August 2019 19:24

BeoSound 1 is a portable wireless acoustic system disseminating impressive sound at 360 degrees, having a sound aluminum casing made for mobility, also integrated Spotify, Deezer, QPlay, and TuneIn access, battery power sufficient for travelling, and multiroom technology, uniting Bang & Olufsen products in a single wireless system in the house.
BeoSound 1 disseminates a refined sound at 360 degrees. An advanced modelling tool was used during the process of development, which ensured an ideal distribution of sound by acoustic system by considering the surrounding of the acoustic system. These data have been used for creating an ideal musical environment. Therefore, no matter where you are, audio impression will be great.
«Simplicity is the most important aspect,” said Torsten Valeur, developer of BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 designs. “We wanted to create something like a musical instrument. This would be a device with each component having its function – to disseminate beautiful music.»
Now, it is available in the color of Piano Black in limited number. Piano Black-colored BeoSound 1 is absolute perfection. Polishing, anodization, and again polishing – when we speak about finishing of an aluminum casing of an acoustic system, this process may take a longer time. This is because this process creates a reflective black surface of absolute black color attracting attention with its geometric design and silhouette.
Install where you want and play whatever you want. Great universality and portability without any restrictions.