Art of design by Christofle

20 August 2019 17:40

Fom the date of its establishment in 1830, the House of Christofle has cultivated its unique know-how by streamlining its methods and technique in order to keep up with the times. No matter, whether these are works of designers or painters, re-edition, or a historical reproduction or customized products, the exclusive works of Christofle are made in the silver workshop integrated to a manufacturing facility of the company in Normandy.
Christofle emblazons the two-century tradition by its MOOD collection, an unprecedented concept introduced at one time: a new and bold routine lifestyle. Thanks to its simple use and refined design, MOOD plays an important role in the centre of a table for visitors and unarranged or holiday lunches. The products of the MOOD Collection from the House of Christofle were designed as decorative items, introducing their fresh colors in kitchens or living rooms.
Splendid utensils are kept in oval casing – both the casing and utensils have a golden or silver cover. In Christofle, they say that a closed casing may serve as a room decoration – a genuine golden or silver egg matches all modern interiors.