Graff – a symbiosis of tradition and innovation

19 August 2019 18:53

Working at the top of the luxury jewelry industry for over 50 years, Graff is known for creating the most incredible jewelry in the world. Along with British heritage, vertical integration, unique aesthetics and a reputation as an unrivalled master of sourcing, framing and polishing the most important diamonds in history, it is also important that Graff is one of several top-class jewellery businesses that is still owned and managed by the family. Founded in 1960 by Lawrence Graf as a wholesale jewelry company, in the early 1970s Graff opened its doors to its first retail point of sale in Knightsbridge. Graff's reputation quickly spread, and the boutique became one of the most famous diamond points of sale in the world, frequented by various diamond collectors, kings and Queens. The Central offices of the House are located in London, together with his Studio and workshop, which produces jewelry presented in the global network of boutiques Graff. We are talking about more than 55 points of sale: from Monte Carlo to Dubai and from new York to Baku. Family values remain at the heart of the company's structure to this day. Chairman Lawrence Graf continues to play a major role in the strategic development of the company, together with his son françois Graf, CEO. Today Graff workshop, located in the Mayfair district of the capital of England, is one of the largest in Europe. Each piece of jewelry, developed in the workshop, is honed and perfected for several hundred hours. Paying homage to the heritage of traditional jewelry craftsmanship; the house's core craftsmen use jewelry tools that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years along with modern computerized design technology and laser soldering machines. Lawrence Graf continues to be involved in all aspects of Graff jewelry production from sourcing the rarest diamonds in the world to designing a unique jewel or collection.