Heart-shaped jewellery items from graff: ideal way of love confession

19 August 2019 18:56

For more than a half century, Graff has been at the peak of the jewelry industry by discovering and processing perfect and rare brilliants and transforming hidden miracles of soil into precious items which fascinate hearts and excite the soul.
Founded by Laurence Graff, Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1960, the company remains as a family business with Francois Graff (son of Laurence), who is General Manager, and two other members of the family, who are leading design, merchandising, and production processes.  
Graff is known for creating the most beautiful heart-shaped brilliants and colored precious stones in the world. This romantic silhouette, which was a favorite of Laurence Graff, shows his endless love for brilliants.
«Many years ago, I decided to create heart-shaped diamond necklaces and it became a core motif of our creative work. Today, we create many unique pieces with heart-shaped stones,» says Laurence Graff. «This is such a beautiful shape representing conquest of your heart or conquest of somebody's heart by you.»
In many pieces of jewelry, Graff has used unique, heart-shaped brilliants. For instance, a Graff ring with one brilliant stone is an ideal romantic gesture for the most important proposal of your life.
Framing and polishing of heart-shaped brilliants requires the highest skills due to their ideal symmetry and complicated silhouette. The heart shape is ideally balanced with round and saturated outlines which have been improved over the years.
During its rich history, Graff has become a world leader for his rare diamonds. A collection of Graff jewelry items and high-quality precious stones are designed and made in London atelier, where Graff masters use design methods to emphasize the beauty of each stone. This highly personalized approach also applies to wedding jewelry of Graff House, including unique collections of Graff engagement rings.