Tag Heuer: don't give in under pressure carrera: never look back

19 August 2019 19:46

Jack Heuer created the Carrera watch in 1963 in honor of Carrera Panamericana race, famous for being the most dangerous in the world. As exciting as the race inspired their creator, this watch destroyed the usual for watchmaking myths and became the first chronograph initially designed for professional pilots, but ideally suited for roads and situations thanks to its laconic, elegant, and readable design. Jack Heuer destroyed the canons of watch design, and since then TAG Heuer has been mixing fashion and functionality.
Since we patented the first waterproof watch case in 1895, we continue to conquer the seas, and send people further and further into the depths of the ocean - from 100 meters with ordinary models to 1,000 meters with the Aquagraph model. The unique double lock of the bracelet clasp and the one-way rotating bezel are a solid guarantee against accidents, so you can risk safely and fully rely on the absolute accuracy of the watch unfailing in ocean life.
The Formula 1 collection was designed for high speeds of race tracks and beyond. It uses innovations influenced by Formula 1, so this watch is a favorite accessory worn by the drivers-champions around the world. Being persistent enough even for professionals, Formula 1 watches remain comfortable for everyday use thanks to a completely new ceramic material intentionally designed for this multi-colored collection.
This sophisticated and functional watch is the triumph of avant-garde design and timeless elegance. The fourth generation of the classic created by the legendary designer Eddie Schöpfer, it is complete with the most convenient TAG Heuer bracelet, which now has become even more expressional and elegant. The sophisticated, delicate geometry and luxurious details make this watch an everlasting symbol of comfort and style.