Utopia in Baku

19 August 2019 17:45

Utopia is a Greek word which means a location with ideal and unique philosophical measurement, the results of the best efforts of a man and an island with ideal conditions. By the years, jewelry items of UTOPIA brand gained success at the international level and the brand was recognized as a symbol of style, design, and elegant luxury.
Today, apart from North America and Europe, people in metropolitan cities of the Middle East and former Soviet states also admire UTOPIA collections. The brand is popular for its style and quality in these countries. Jewelry items of UTOPIA are fabricated after long studies and experiments.
The design of this brand is closely connected with Italian aesthetic intuition. Raw materials, such as gold, diamond, and pearl are carefully selected by experts. Pearl is not processed, as nature has created it without a need for any intervention. «A pearl has a soul and each pearl is unique. We want to revitalize this uniqueness in our collections,» says Anna Gaya, General Director of UTOPIA. The manufacturing process is based on the proficiency of Italian jewelry masters, working with great care and attention to the components.
This allows UTOPIA to create unique jewelry items symbolizing emotions which are experienced by us and passed to future generations. UTOPIA jewelry collection is a yield of popular Italian creative work with a simple but sophisticated style; it is an expression of harmony of classic and modern tendencies which demonstrates the beauty of jewelry items and the beauty of a person wearing it.
UTOPIA collection is a modern interpretation of classics which is a timeless symbol of elegance.