The Amazing Fragrance of Lalique

19 August 2019 18:33

The Adventurer of the Modern Age
Charismatic, elegant, authentic ... L’Insoumis does not follow the trends: it creates them.
With this new fragrance for men, Lalique pays its respect to the bold, creative spirit of Rene Lalique. Like the master who was able to overcome the conventions in order to gradually make a radical revolution in jewelry, glassware, and fragrances, the fragrance L'Insoumis, in its image and likeness, is just as independent and persistent, the same nonconformist and pioneer-like modern adventurer.
Le Tourbillon (The Cycle) is a Pattern in Eternal Movement
In order to express this freedom of spirit, the bottle is decorated with a stylized fern which spins the spirals of its leaves. Embodied and hymned in 1926 in the legendary vase «Tourbillons», this motif repeated in the works of Rene Lalique continues to use exclusively modern graphics, although the vase was created almost a hundred years ago.
The Unconditionally Modern Bottle
Like a perfect balance of the abstract and metaphorical, the L’Insoumis bottle is a subtle counterpoint between the modernist graphics of its contours and its luxurious ornament: a growing fern with stylized twists associated with lush vegetation in the mysterious forest.
Strict and elegant, matte black case, on the sides it is decorated with tonal drawings based on “Tourbillons” to remind the decor of this unique bottle. In the center of the case there is a contrast shiny silver ribbon which subtly highlights the title of the fragrance, L’Insoumis.
"The Fern" away from the beaten trails
Being in absolute harmony with the motif, subtly reminiscent of nature and endless spaces opened through fern leaves having inspired the creation of a bottle, it was important to create a drydown for the fragrance using unbeaten trails. To create the composition full of contrasts Fabrice Pellegrin chose the purest and most expressive essences used in men's fragrances.
Being impulsive, intense, and unexpected from the very first notes, green basil declares the strong character of L’Insoumis. The explosive freshness of the basil is emphasized by bergamot with hot and velvet rum notes to create a striking counterpoint. It is in the drydown where the power of the L’Insoumis fragrance is boldly reflected.