Collection Pavot from Yves Delorme

28 February 2019 22:10

Bed linen is one of the most conservative tendencies of the fashion industry. However, the House of Yves Delorme may apply a revolutionary approach even in this field. This was Yves Delorme who offered to the clients in France textiles with painted designs which were different from single-color materials with colorful embroidery. Yves Delorme manufactured elite bed linen of jacquard material for the first time. Today, the brand from time to time organizes «colour revolutions,» representing its bed linen as refined items of paint art.
The design of the collection Pavot is a modern approach to the illustration of an old botanic album, in which each flower and each twig are described with the highest accuracy. Rigorously painted poppies, round leaves of nasturtium in vivid grayish blue and fuzzy green colors look vibrantly and smoothly on all–white percale.
Yves Delorme manufactures bed linen of the highest quality since 1845 and is the oldest textile manufacturer in France. Collections of Yves Delorme made of natural fibers in the best traditions of Europe are distinguished by unprecedented quality and close attention to detail, which is characteristic to the historical heritage of high-fashion industry of France. Soft shades and elegant floral combinations determine this luxurious product line. The whole manufacturing process is carried out by the House of Yves Delorme in France and only world-class Egyptian cotton is used in this process.