Winter gardens of Yves Delorme

28 February 2019 22:10

The names of Yves Delorme sets, colors, and their combinations, motives of images, elements of decoration, texture – all of these wake emotions of calmness and pacification, reminding us of magic winter sceneries. The sets created by designers reveal diversity of winter images: leaves whirling by the dance of first snow; cold azure intensifying contrasts; feathery shroud, which magically reshapes a usual scenery... The sophisticated color palette of the collection combines many neutral shades, giving a preference of warm and soft ivory bone to palm tree. The tender texture of satin, wrapped in a soft and warm cocoon, creates feelings of calmness and tempts to take shelter there until spring.
The double-sided set of velvet percale Galons from Yves Delorme is decorated by romantic ornaments of floral wreathes by designers. This modest set made in watercolour technique looks very light and tender. The down side of the linen is covered by dense floral ornaments, resembling popular vintage prints of Liberty. This graphic and poetic set in powder tones and added with bright accents has become a symbol of romantics for a new generation. It will emphasize a real beauty of modern and classic interior. Turkish towels which are in trend nowadays, made of Egyptian cotton and jacquard, have elegant floral lines along the bottom edge.